Dr Jack Cassell: Defund ObamaCare

You remember Dr Jack Cassell. Of course you do. Now he has made a video asking for ObamaCare to be defunded and then repealed:

Please visit his website RepealSocializedMedicine.com and his Facebook page to keep updated.

If what Erick says is true, then this video came out at the perfect time. I’ve meet Dr Jack Cassell and I know he’s not doing this out of political spite. Sure he is a conservative, but he really believes that ObamaCare is bad for his patients and our country.

I ask you to share this video with all of your friends. Send it to people you know who lives in Florida’s 8th US District. Send it to those in congress or those currently running for office. They need to know that they work for us, not the other way around, and we want ObamaCare Defunded, Repealed, And Replaced.

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