Why Charlie Crist Won't Catch A Break At General Election Polls

You have to give credit to Charlie Crist. He knew when to get out of the Republi-

MUAHAHAHaHaHahahahahahahah! Sorry, couldn’t say that with a straight face. So you want to hear one reason Charlie Crist will not catch a break at the general election polls?

I just got my sample ballot in the mail and the first thing I did was laugh. Marco Rubio has his name on top of the list of people running for US Senate, Kendrick Meek is right after him, then Charlie Crist is way down there in ninth place on the ballot. Do not believe me, take a look for yourself (Page Two):

My Sample Ballot*

Now I don’t know if this will be the standard in the rest of the state, but people here in Lake County will miss him if they are not paying attendtion. Honestly, this is what Charlie Crist gets.

Karma, it’s what’s for breakfast… And lunch… And dinner…

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PS: Marco Rubio, because there is no such thing as overkill in politics.

*My sample ballot. You cannot just take this into a voting booth, sorry.