Sandy Adams (CAN-R-FL-24) Mentions Me

I was listening to the radio in the morning the other day, and I caught this little bit:

Of course this floored me, because she was talking about my article! When I got back to my email, there was a message from the Sandy Adams campaign thanking me for the information that helped her out in the interview.

Because you see in 1906, Oregon held direct elections of Senators. In 1908, Nevada followed. 1911, Arizona pass laws to hold direct elections when they became a state. And in 1912, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma all held diect election for their US Senators.

The 17th Amendment was ratified on April 8, 1913. By the time it was ratified, 29 states had passed laws saying that they would hold direct election of their US Senators. We were moving toward it as a country, but it still should have been up to the states. The 17th Amendment was completely unnecessary.

I told the Adams Camapign to check out the book: “United States Congressional Elections, 1788-1997: The Official Results Of The Elections Of The 1st Through 105th Congresses.” By Michael J Dubin, for more information. This book will tell anyone who won elections and how they were elected. I’m sure Suzanne Kosmas will be able to get her hands on this at the Library of Congress for only a limited time left for her.

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PS: Check out this great speech by Sandy Adams at the Take Back America Event.

PPS: Sandy Adams For US House!