Rick Scott (CAN-R-FL-GOV) Picks Up Key Latino Endorsements

What is so awesome about this endorsement is- Well, I hate to ruin it for you:

Florida GOP governor candidate Rick Scott got the seal of approval Monday from Miami’s three Republican Cuban-American members of Congress, according to a report on miamiherald.com. The endorsements from Illeana Ros-Lehtinen, Mario Diaz-Balart and Lincoln Diaz-Balart came even though the three don’t agree with Scott on immigration. The three had supported Bill McCollum in the Republican governor primary.

Scott has said he supports bringing an Arizona type immigration law to Florida, something his Democratic opponent Alex Sink opposes. Several new polls released on Monday show that Scott has an edge of Sink with voters.

“Since we disagree with both candidates on immigration, on what do we have to focus on?” Lincoln Diaz-Balart asked. “I think it’s, ‘Who’s prepared to create jobs from day one?'”

Quipped Ros-Lehtinen: “I can’t even get my own family to agree with me on most of my issues.”

1) They were McCollum supporters (like me).

2) They are not single issue voters.

Republicans are coming together here in Florida, as I knew we would. Even me, the only blogger here on RedState who supported Bill McCollum, can unite behind Rick Scott. This is not to say I won’t hold Rick Scott accountable. I put down my guard with Uncle Crist, but never again. But I digress.

With this endorsement, South Florida might see a slight shift back towards Rick Scott. Only time will tell.

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PS: The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I am a campaign aide for a woman running for my local school board. Part of my duties is running her campaign Facebook Page (check it out and Like It if you want). I hope to be blogging daily again after the election.