Daniel Webster (CAN-R-FL-08) Is Main Street

Talk about impressive. Although I supported Patricia Sullivan in the primary, I love Daniel Webster. I’ve been in contact with his campaign, however for one reason or another I have been unable to lock down an interview with him. It’s been mostly my fault. I’ve been getting more involved at my local Tea Party, Republican Club, and now I am working part-time for a nice woman running for school board. I have become busy. But I digress.

Daniel Webster has been attack of late by Alan Grayson, where Grayson is calling Webster a draft dodger. Which is of course completely false (note that even the left-leaning Orlando Sentinel had to check Grayson).

Check out Daniel Webster’s site and see what you can do for him. We must remove Alan Grayson. How we elected Grayson is beyond me. But it’s a mistake we don’t really have to live with.

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