What Suzanne Kosmas (INC-D-FL-24) Doesn't Know About Repealing The 17th Amendment

In a recent ad, Suzanne Kosmas (INC-D-FL-24) has Florida State Representative Sandy Adams (CAN-R-FL-24) stating that she wants to repeal the 16th and 17th Amendment. Kosmas then attacks Adams for wanting to repeal the 17th.

I like Representative Sandy Adams even better.

Now I’ve already said all I am going to say on restoring federalism (and our republic) and repealing the 17th Amendment. However Kosmas misstates the state legislature is the only way for states to choose US Senators if the amendment is repealed. Even before the 17th Amendment, some states had the population directly elect the US Senators. But let’s look at the different ways US Sentors can be choosen if the 17th is repealed:

State Legislature Elect

Simple and stright forward. For added extra fun, political parties can still nominate candidates (so that the public can give some measure of impute).

The biggest problem would be filibusters. But honestly, that can be bypassed by forcing majority up or down vote requirement in their state constitution.

This will make state legislature elections much more important.

Governor Nominates, Higher Chamber Confirms

This works pretty good at the federal cabinet. Governor nominates and the higher of the two chambers confirm. For added extra fun, the governor would have to nominate two people and the legislatures chooses from the two.

Drawback again would be a filibuster. Again, can be cured by forcing majority up or down vote requirement in their state constitution.

This will make the governor and state legislature elections much more important than they are now, because they now both effect the federal govenment.

Electoral College

Have a general vote like we do now, but then have the upper chamber of the state legislature vote based on how their district voted. For added extra fun, have both chambers vote according to how their district voted.

Not much drawback, unless you make the candidate get a majority like the federal electoral college.

This gives the public some measure of control in choosing the US Senate, while involving the state legislature.

General Election

General Primary, General Election, nothing changes. For added extra fun, force state campaign finance laws instead of federal laws.

No real drawbacks.

No real power given to state government, except they and the people (not the federal government) choose how they will elect US Senators.

US Senators, Employees Of Their States

Any repeal of the 17th Amendment will have to include the statement that US Senators, and their staff, are employees of the state they represent. Which means their and their staff’s pay, will be paid by their state. This means that even if they are still choosen directly by the people, they will still have to answer to someone for their pay and benefits. They will also not have any control of their pay.

Sandy Adams Has The Right Idea

State Representative Sandy Adams (CAN-R-FL-24) has the right idea. Give the choice back to the states, return to federalism and restore our republic. Join Adams’ fight to repeal the 16th and 17th Amendment.

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