My 9/11/2001 Story And Beyond

Everyone has their story. Where they were and what they did on September 11th, 2001. My story isn’t very exciting really. In fact, I would call it boring. However my life would be effected by those events of that day in ways I could never imagine.


It started out like any other day for me that year. The alarm went off, waking me. I reached over and turned the radio on, pre-set to Howard Stern of course. Dick jokes and talking about Pam Anderson, back then we were still high off the 90s. The Cold War had ended and we were still celebrating the fact that we had lived through it. The biggest worry in our world was STDs. It seem like a life-time ago.

I listen to Howard for about an hour and then got up to make my breakest*. I do not remember what I had to eat or when my dad came running from his room, but he came from his room and asked me if I had been watching the news on the TV, that someone had flown a plane to a building in New York. I had not.

I thought he was joking. My dad was somewhat of a practical joker and I was expecting him to start laughing at my expression. He didn’t.

We both rush to the TV and saw the aweful news. Again, I thought it was a joke or a bad TV movie. It wasn’t.

The rest of the world went away. I only was able to pulled myself from the TV when my hunger or need to use the restroom became too great. I even saw on live TV, United Airlines Flight 175 slam into the South Tower. By the end of the day, I was numb and sick. Nothing will ever be the same.

I do remember watching the TV that day and someone in my household said that was some pretty big debris. I turn to them and said that’s not debris, that’s people.


But life went on.

For almost five years now, I have known wonderful person. She was a friend on a forum I went to and I kind of liked her. I wanted to get to know her better. She was smart and shared much of my interests in writing. I was disappointed that some time later, we lost contact with each other. In 2006 I was in a bad place in my life and so I chalk it up to life on the internet, you meet people and then you moved onto different interests.

However she then popped up out of nowhere and told me she had joined the Army and was now in South Korea. At a time when we were both in Afghanistan and Iraq (not to mention that Iraq was a blood bath around that time), this woman** heard the call of service and joined the armed forces. I was in awe. I tried to join the Army in 1999 and for reasons I will not get into right now, I did not make it. This time I told myself I would not lose contact with this girl and I did not.

We talked often online. Then when she got home from Korea, I went to visit her and she visited me.

Now, as I am writing this, she is in Afghanistan. She is a Signal Support Systems Specialist*** and a woman, so she is nowhere near the fighting is, but she still is in the middle of that place. I know I can’t do much for her right now, but I will be fasting until noon in order to show my support for her and those still in Afghanistan and Iraq. I share with those who have loves ones in that aweful place. The love of my life is part of Obama’s Surge to Afghanistan. She thought she was going to Iraq until late February of this year.

Her contrat with the Army comes up in 2012. When she asks me what she should do, I will tell her that I will support her in anything she does. However I think she should stay as long as the Army wanted her. I have already told her I was stay by her side through any deployment and any hardship. All that I will ask in return is that she love me back.

That is it. My story, then and now. As I said, I know my story is somewhat boring and short. However that is my story and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I offer no real great insight into what happen that day, but I was touched by that day like everyone else. I am now in love with a wonderful person who is now in an aweful place because of what happen on that day.

I will close with this song:

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*I wish I had stayed with Howard Stern that day. It was clearly one of his best shows.

**This is a woman, because girls don’t join the Army in the middle of a war.

***Oddly enough, this was the same job I wanted when I join the Army. Fate?