Ground Zero Mosque And Koran Burning - Both Bad Ideas (Major Update)

Update: Honestly people, this is not about the Obama Administration’s headlong rush into the stupid (however that can be for another article for another day). This is about condemning both without prejudice or hyperbole. If you support the Ground Zero Mosque or Koran Burning for any reason, please take it out of this blog. You can write your own.

This is an open letter to the people building the Ground Zero Mosque and those who are taking part in the Koran Burning here in Florida. If you are not part of either, then this is not directed at you.

Honestly people, what are you thinking? You think one washes the other?

The Cordoba House in New York is a victory mosque, nothing else. The Koran Burning is an ignorant reaction to both Islam and said mosque. If you think otherwise, then you have been smoking the wacky weed. Both are protected by law, but both is equally dumb, ignorant, and unwise.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s past statements and refusal to even listen to critism, makes him as ignorant as Obama when he walked ran headlong into this debate. The more we learn of this place and of the Imam, the less we like. The fact most people in New York don’t like this mosque, defeats its stated purpose of being an outreach center (althrough we know full well it is not an outreach center).

Now, I don’t have any good feelings toward Islam. That said, real freedom loving people don’t burn books. Dictators like Hitler burn books (yes, I just invoked Godwin’s Law). Freedom loving people, we read books to become educated. If we are to defeat Radical Islam, we must come to understand Radical Islam and we can only do that through the Koran. I mean, what if I held a Bible Burning? You guys wouldn’t like it very much, would you?

Both are dumb and unwise. I hope someone is able to stop both from happening and talk some sense into you people.

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