Meet Jennifer Carroll: Rick Scott's Likely Running Mate

Rumors are now pointing for Rick Scott to pick Jennifer Carroll (R), Florida House Representative District 13, to be his running mate.

According to several sources Rick Scott is expected to announce state Rep. Jennifer Carroll as his running mate today. Looking just at her identity and life story she’s an explosive pick: the first African American woman elected to the state legislature as a Republican, an immigrant from Trinidad, a 20 year veteran of the US Navy, and the mother of a Miami Dolphin rookie (Nolan Carroll, 5th round draft pick).

She is also an exciting speaker:

That’s right, she was a Bill McCollum supporter. However if she can get past her critism of Rick Scott and work for Florida as our Lt Governor, then I will vote and support Rick Scott. Honestly, I think I will be voting for her rather than Rick Scott. I’ll tell you why:

She enlisted into the Navy and came out as an officer. This is clearly a hard working woman.

Carroll is also an immigrant from Trinidad. So hopefully, like Marco Rubio, she knows the importance of American Exceptionalism.

Carroll is the mother of a Miami Dolphin rookie Nolan Carroll (I guess she teached that hard working “can-do” ethic to her son).

Appointed by President George W Bush to “The White House Presidential Scholars Commission” 2001-2004 and then to the “Veterans’ Disability Benefits Commission” 2004-2007.

Yes. I like her. I like her a lot. Rick Scott, please choose her.

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