Richard Nugent (CAN-R-FL-05), Time To Support Paul Ryan's Roadmap

This is an open letter to Richard Nugent, who is running for Florida’s Fifth Congressional District.

Look, I don’t really like you. You are the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. Your entry into thsi race and attacking Jason Sager personally, instead of sticking to the issues, has earn you many enemies.

However as loath as I am to admit it, you are a better choice than Jim Piccillo. That said, you really need to come out for Paul Ryan’s A Roadmap For America’s Future and you need to do that quickly.

Tea Party Support

Even though you won the majority of the Republican vote by a little more than 60%, you beat the Tea Party candidate and you bad mouth him personally. You ran a campaign of personal destruction against Sager and even attacked his wife. Calling Sager a “constitutional hypocrite” after you won, was also done in bad taste. I know a few Sager fans who hate your guts with a passion. Maybe an apology will go a long way to heal some wonds. But I digress…

If you keep thumbing your nose at Tea Party people, like you did during the primary, they might:

1) Stay home.

2) Vote for Jimbo* Piccillo.

We are educated, motivated, and can sniff-out Politicians coming a mile away. Which brings me to my next point…

Big Government Republican?

You have earned a perception of being a Big Government Republican as Sheriff of Hernando County. Your budget has been wildly out of control in the years you have been there and you took over the county jail (which was run by a private sector firm). Since you also refused to resign when you started running for this seat, Charlie Crist will now be appointing your replacement if you win the election in November.

An out of control sheriff budget and taking over the county jail, while they may sound good if you are running for sheriff, does not sound very good when we are talking about an already out of control federal government. You cannot run on your record as sheriff and claim you are a fiscal conservative. Jimbo* Piccillo has a more legit claim on being a fiscal conservative and I don’t believe him!

Guess what? Your refusal to resign when you threw your hat into the ring has now endanger the office of Hernando County Sheriff to appointment by Charlie Crist. Hernando County could have had a spiecal election for your replacement, but you wanted to campaign part-time or didn’t want to lose your job just incase you didn’t win. This has, of course, placed a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

Piccillo, The Conservative?

Jim Piccillo, the Republican Democrat, is often running to the right of you! He thinks Social Security needs a major overhaul and says he is a fiscal conservative. I should know, I INTERVIEWED HIM!

Now he says he doesn’t support Paul Ryan’s Roadmap, but once he gets ahold of this article, I’m sure he will! He also is in agreement with so much of the Roadmap, he might indeed start to support it once he gets to congress.

Why You Should Support Paul Ryan’s Roadmap

Honestly, the Roadmap is going to be policy in the upcoming Conservative Republican 112th Congress anyway. If you don’t support it when you get into office and vote against it, you will piss off conservatives from coast-to-coast. Obama has awaken America and we will be watching, closely.

Erick Erickson (or some other front pager) will post your name all over the front page of this very site if you slip out of line. This site forced the NRA to back down their endorsement of Harry Reid. You do not want to mess with us. On the information super high-way, the bloggers are the watchers and the music makers. You got elected because no one else but me cared, but once in office we will all start caring what you do.

So you might want to get on our good side, while the getting is still good. If you need more reasons, let me sum up:

1) Tea Party Support. We can be your friend, or not your friend. Your choice.

2) Ease The Big Government Perception. Rightly earn, so don’t argue with me. You need to move away from that perception and do so quickly.

3) Out-Flank Piccillo. If Piccillo sees an opening to move to the right of you, then he will. Don’t underestimate this guy, because he will throw everything he can at you and then some.

You say you support Social Security reform without cutting benifits to people currently getting them and that you are a fiscal conservative, then supporting A Roadmap For America’s Future will not be a huge leap for you.

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