Not Doing Anything For DoSomething.org

I was watching Fox And Friends this morning and they had UFC Champ Chuck Liddell on. He was shaving his mohawk for Bic 4 Good, which is currently helping Do Something.

Now if you know me personally, I normally shave my head. Right now it’s getting a little long and I have a video camra. I could easily give these guys $444 if I wanted.

However after researching Do Something, I don’t think I will do anything. Their page “What’s Your Thing?” reveals a liberal or, at the very least, a left-leaning agenda.

If this is your thing, by all means take part. They do give kids grant money monthly, which is paid directly to the nominee’s organization or the not-for-profit of the nominee’s choice. I also don’t have any proof that they themselves give out money based on ideology. Please do your own research and do what you think is right for you.

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