Death By Papa Papa Tango

(Via AoSHQ) A nice little palate cleanser for those coming back from Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally. I hope you guys had a good time, I wish I had been there myself.

In the military phonetic alphabet, “Papa Papa Tango” translates to “PPT”… Which is the file extension for Microsoft PowerPoint:

For headquarters staff, war consists largely of the endless tinkering with PowerPoint slides to conform with the idiosyncrasies of cognitively challenged generals in order to spoon-feed them information. Even one tiny flaw in a slide can halt a general’s thought processes as abruptly as a computer system’s blue screen of death.

The ability to brief well is, therefore, a critical skill. It is important to note that skill in briefing resides in how you say it. It doesn’t matter so much what you say or even if you are speaking Klingon.

Read it all, because it is all very funny and scary at the same time. I am currently emailing this to my girlfriend and asking if she has to give these presentations (she is in the Army and is in Afghanistan*).

Still, Dr Lawrence Sellin is my new hero. Of course he was quickly fired. It was a cry for help or he wanted gone, either way, what a way to go.

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*I also intend to marry her when she gets back from Afghanistan. She is the love of my life and I miss her dearly right now.