Meet Jim Piccillo (CAN-R?D?P!-FL-05)

Just to start out with, I am in no way shrilling for Jim Piccillo (CAN-D-FL-05). The meaning of the title will also become clear later on. That said, let’s take a look at this Democrat running for Florida’s Fifth Congressional District.

From 2008 To 2010

Surprise! Jim Piccillo used to be a Republican and he once introduced Sen John McCain at a speech he made in Tampa!

Ops! Well, I was half right. Jimbo* Piccillo was a Republican, but he was part of the Republicans For Obama group:

Piccillo is a registered Republican who has grown disenchanted with the McCain/Palin ticket. His decision to vote for Barack Obama was made during the Democratic National Convention, which “seemed to be a lot about hope” and “making the next four to eight years better for our children,” Piccillo said.

The Republican National Convention was “more about Barack Obama than the next plan and how to get things improved,” he said.

Piccillo was recently mentioned in a New York Times article about Republicans voting for Obama. Because of the mention in the story, Florida campaign officials asked Piccillo to introduce Biden on Wednesday.

“Absolutely, I would be honored,” is what Piccillo said he told Obama supporters.

And the rest, of course, is history. Honestly, I can stop at the fact that this guy is a thin sheet of paper: Letting the wind sweep him wherever.

However I did talk with the man and he was nice enough to talk to me, so I will write about what we talked about.

His Issues

I called his campaign office to get his stance on the Ground Zero Mosque, and I got him instead. I fully introduce myself to him and he was more than willing to talk with me. I did not hide the fact of who I was or that I was (at the time) a Jason Sager supporter.

But I digress. Jim Piccillo sides with Harry Reid and Howard Dean, thinking the Ground Zero Mosque is not a wise choice.

Piccillo does not support admending the 14th Amendment. There are so many other problems with illegal immigration, he thinks “anchor babies” is a very minor problem. Right…

He does not favor repealing all of ObamaCare, but some of it needs to go. Pressed for what should be repealed, he cited the Individual Mandate is wrong and he will repeal that part of ObamaCare. He is, of course, in agreement with Howard Dean.

Jim Piccillo was in the 101st Airborne and still has friends there. He thinks we should be listening to the Generals on the ground, instead of talking heads in Washington DC. He supports our fight in Afghanistan and slams Bush for taking our eyes off the ball by going to Iraq.

Supports the current Oil Drilling Moratorium, however supports drilling after the moratorium, even here in Florida. Says that not only do we need it for fuel, but we also use petroleum for many other products we use everyday. Supports an “All Of The Above” energy policy.

Does not support Paul Ryan’s Roadmap, however he breaks with Obama in that he thinks Social Security needs a major overhaul.

Piccillo thinks Stimulus saved, but not created any jobs.

Is a supporter of Lilly Ledbetter Act. Whatever. He really wanted to talk to me about this, even if the bill has already been passed and signed into law by Obama. Right?

Slams Bush and Obama for top heavy NCLB and Race To The Top. Thinks their hearts were in the right place, but both bad policies. Did not push him on what he would do and I wish I had.

Will not join Team Pelosi. He will, in fact, not vote for her to be speaker. Piccillo is not scared of telling me that she’s the worst Speaker Of The House, ever!

My Thoughts

Honestly? Piccillo is all over the place. He’s not a Republican or a Democrat, he’s a Politician and I hate Politicians more than I hate Democrats. He thought he could ride Obama’s popularity, switched his party tag, and announced his intentions to run for this seat in April 2009. Piccillo thought he could have used his gaffe and connection to Obama/Biden as an asset. However all of that has now become a big liability for him. Piccillo could go through my entire archive of bashing Nugent and use it, but all Nugent needs to do is bring out that video of Piccillo and all is forgiven!

Piccillo’s campaign is dead on arrival. I would not suggest he drop out (because I would not suggest anyone drop out), but I would suggest that Piccillo not quit his day job or buy a house in DC.

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*Really, “Jim” is already his nickname. I’m just having fun with him like I did Dick Nugent.