I, Blogger - Thoughts On Post-Florida Primary

So, everyone and their brother on the right side of the blogosphere back Rick Scott… Except me. I also backed Jason Sager (The Conservative) over Richard Nugent (The Big Government Republican), in Florida’s Fifth US District.

However I have no regrets. None whatsoever.

The Bright Side

On the bright side, Marco “Rubio got almost as many primary votes as the entire GOP primary slate did in 2004 (last competitive primary on both sides), and the GOP increased their 2004 totals by 7%. Democrats were down 21% from 2004.” – Moe Lane

Also, Pam Bondi (CAN-R-FL-AG) won! We now have just one voice, Daniel Webster (CAN-R-FL-08), facing Alan Grayson. And Steve Southerland (CAN-R-FL-02) facing off against Democratic incumbent Allen Boyd.

Also, some of mine local favorites won. Let’s be thankful for small favors.

Florida’s Fifth Congressional District

I backed the Conservative Jason Sager over the Big Government Republican Richard Nugent. I have no regrets over that choice. I’d do it again.

However given the choice of Dick* Nugent or Jimbo Piccillo**, I will vote for Nugent.

But don’t get me wrong, I am going to be Nugent’s newest shadow. For every vote he takes part in, committee or on the House floor, I will count and judge. For every speech he makes, I will be there listening. If he even forgets to dot the “I” or cross the “T” in his name, I will be there to rip him a new one!

Florida Governor

And that goes ultra double for Rick Scott!! We messed up epicly by not holding Charlie Crist accountable from day one. So I’m going to hold Scott accountable starting from Day T-Minus 131***! He sneezes and I don’t like the way he blows his nose, I will be all over him!

I don’t know if I will even vote for Rick Scott. However I will not support Alex Sink in any way.

BigGator5 Is Not For Sale

So there you go. If you guys hate me for supporting McCollum, I really don’t care. Like Rush Limbaugh, I do not jump on the bandwagon. I am not a trend setter. And I call it like I see it.

I will continue to do so in the future. If I agree with you, then we have an accord. If I don’t agree with you, then I will have a darn good reason for it and will explain my stance.

Let’s now look to the future. For this is just the beginning. We have an Obama Administration to stop dead in it’s tracks. In the immortal words of Captain John Paul Jones: “I have not yet begun to fight!”

Are you with me?

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*Short for Richard.

**More of him, tomorrow.

***If he wins the general election, it is (from my count) 131 days until he is sworn into office.