Florida Update - McCollum And Sager Edition

Updating the two primary races that I have been following closely. The Governor Race and the primary for Florida’s Fifth Congressional District.

Florida Governor

Bill McCollum took a nine-point lead in the latest Mason-Dixon poll. Released Saturday, these were of “likely voters”.

Rick Scott’s 2000 Deposition also came out. He took the 5th some 75 times. See the full deposition here.

It’s no secert, I don’t trust Rick Scott. His checkered past with Columbia/HCA, his outright lies against McCollum, and he is just plain creepy with his Chaile Crist-like “Elect Me, Just Because I’m Me” campaign.

Bill McCollum on the other hand, is a tried and true conservative leader in Florida. McCollum has well thought out plans and is highly endorsed by Steve Forbes, Newsmax, Jeb Bush, and the Florida Chamber Of Commerce. I’ve talked to Bill McCollum, twice, and he and his campaign have been nothing but nice to me.

Florida’s Fifth Congressional District

There is not much more I can say about this race that I haven’t said already. Except that Jason Sager has scored some key endorsements:

1) Our very own Mike “Gamecock” DeVine has backed the conservative in this race.

2) Irish-American Republicans, a 130-year-old coalition of Irish-Americans in the Republican Party, endorsed him.

3) Retired Sheriff Richard Mack of Arizona and the famous Printz v United States (521 U.S. 898, June 27, 1997), backs Jason Sager.

4) United Christians of Florida, also supports Sager all the way.

I can’t wait to support both these conservatives in the general election. Bill McCollum for governor and Jason Sager for congress.

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