Logic Favors Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05)

Clearly, but first let’s look at the very liberal writer of the St. Pete Times, Dan DeWitt, rips Richard Dick* Nugent a new one:

Not the old Nugent, at least that’s not what his record suggests. Because as my dad might have said, if this guy’s a fiscal conservative, I’m a diamond cutter.

Since Nugent was elected in 2000, the Sheriff’s Office has raised deputies’ starting salaries from $23,859 to $39,401 (for 2.5 more hours of work per week) and added about 100 new employees (15 of them for the added duties of dispatch and emergency management). When I asked about his budget, Nugent assigned four employees to meet with me, not exactly presenting the image of an agency cut to the bone. (BigGator5 Notes: On top of that, he took over the county jail. More on that later.)

Not that this is all bad. His squad of spokespeople showed me that response times and crime are down. Their overall message was that it takes money to run a good department.

Of course it does. That’s always been Nugent’s approach, which is why his predictable right turn – this is a Republican primary, after all – seems especially insincere. And seems to make him especially uncomfortable.

Campaigning, he has the look of someone who’d rather eat a bug.

Nugent is only campaigning only part-time.

Then there are letters from the people of Florida’s Fifth on Hernando Today’s endorsement of Nugent, each focusing on different aspect of Jason or Nugent:

Logic Favors Sager

Your criticism of Jason Sager in a recent editorial uses questionable logic. First, it was the ideas of Marxist demonstrators that he considered “un-American,” not their lawful assembly.

Second, receiving a government benefit does not invalidate one’s right to question its efficacy and administration. Think of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Affirmative Action. If Mr. Sager were single, he might have, on principle, rejected unemployment benefits, even though he had paid into the fund. However, being responsible for the welfare of his family, it is grossly unfair to make this an issue.

Third, Richard Nugent’s life experiences do not necessarily better prepare him for the office of representative versus the life experiences of Jason Sager. Perhaps if it were an executive position like mayor, logic would be on your side.

If you think we need a messenger to Washington who is passionate, empathetic and an effective communicator, logic would favor someone like Jason Sager.

Indeed, Jason Sager would be a representative of the people. This is because he is from the people! ‘Nuff said.

Nugent Endorsement Indicates Politics As Usual

I read with considerable interest your endorsement of Sheriff Richard Nugent as the Republican nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 5. You noted in your endorsement of Mr. Nugent the voters of District 5 had been shortchanged since the incumbent, Ginny Brown-Waite, after secretly obtaining Mr. Nugent’s commitment to run, announced her decision to retire just before the qualifying deadline, thus negating the possible competing candidacy of some very strong and viable candidates.

In your interview with Mr. Nugent, he indicated he understood why some might be upset over the circumstances concerning his candidacy and attribute his action to being naive, hardly a political strength that would serve him well in the House of Representatives.

I am confident Mr. Nugent and Ms. Brown-Waite are honorable people, but what they did, whether intentional or not, corrupted and manipulated the electoral process to the great detriment of the people of District 5 by denying them an open, fair and inclusive election, a foundational right guaranteed to every American. And that is a shame.

Your endorsement would indicate it is politics as usual and everything is acceptable. And that, too, is a shame.

I completely agree and could not have said it better myself. These comments are from regular people, not bloggers or inside-the-beltway politicos. They seem highly educated and this next one has numbers to back her claims up…

Nugent Not Saving Dollars In Hernando

Sheriff Nugent says he will go to Congress to save taxpayers money. He has budgeted a detention deputy for $39,401. His deputies’ beginning salary is $38,000 ($1,401 less than detention deputy) and (2000 population of 130,802).

Sheriff Nugent could have hired TEA at $20,324.72 to $29,500. The surrounding counties pay beginning trained correctional officers $28,520.17 to $39,382.20 (Pasco County with 2000 of 344,765). Sheriff Nugent’s deputies will have to go to school to become a correctional officer (detention deputy). A correctional officer (detention deputy) will have to go to school to become a deputy. This will be at Hernando County’s expense.

The board of commissioners has to approve the sheriff’s budget with the detention deputy salary of $39,401. They can dispute $1,000 per officer to have the Sheriff’s budget reduced by $1,000 times the number of officers.

He is increasing Hernando County’s sheriff’s budget a lot. Do you want Sheriff Nugent to be your congressman to save your tax dollars?

I would not be surprised to find these people members of a TEA Party or 912 Project group. Regular everyday people are not being fooled by the MSM’s endorsement. They are educated and motivated, and they have clearly found Nugent wanting.

I’m also told that in Clermont, the South Lake Chamber of Commence held a party. There was also a staw poll between Nugent and Sager, and Sager won. Business leaders in South Lake choose to stand with Sager over the progressive who actually showed up. Yep, Nugent was there and he still lost to the real conservative. I almost went to this party and now wish I was there to see Nugent’s face.

Jason Sager is indeed the logical choice. The people stand with him, business leaders stand with him, and I Satnd With Sager!

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*Short for Richard.

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