Good News Everyone! We're Not Racists!

(Via Hot Air) Obama has just cleared us of being racists, at least when it comes to the Ground Zero Mosque:

Obama “respects the right of anybody – Democrat, Republican, independent – to disagree with his opinion on this,” White House spokesman Bill Burton told reporters Tuesday.

However, according to the spin, how is anyone disagreeing with Obama? We all agree that they have the right to build if they want. We here just think it is not wise, if not downright insulting. So let’s see if we can apply logic to this comment:

1) We agree on the “right” to build. So this is not what Bill Burton was talking about*.

2) If we agree on the right to build, then we must disagree with the wisdom of building the mosque a Ground Zero. Then this must mean he thinks building the mosque is a wise idea. Why he would think that, is for him to know.

Either way, Barack Obama just gave us free licence to opposed the Ground Zero Mosque. So next time you say you can’t stand that Mosque and you have a liberal friend that says not to be racist, point to this article and tell them Obama said it was ok.

He also effectively hung the mosque supporters out to dry. If they were looking for moral clearitly from Obama, he’s not going to give it to them now. Their Earthly God has finally abandon them.

Also, why we are here, I want to point out something here. Noticed how liberals are defending this Mosque on the grounds of Freedom Of Religion? What happen to Freedom From Religion? Granted I am not complaining, but it makes you wonder.

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*Unless Obama is grossly misinform and thinks we are arguing against the right for them to build. If that is case, then Obama is completely out of touch. This is of course, completely plausible.

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