Everything You Wanted To Say About The Ground Zero Mosque, But Where Afraid To Say It

Pat Condell says it for you:

Pat Condell really hates Islam. But before you go rushing off to watch all his videos, he’s a die-hard atheist who hates all religions equally. However he takes a real critical eye towards Islam and doesn’t suffer atheist fools gladly. I’m an Atheist myself, but I have more postive view of Christianity and Judaism over Islam. I agree with Pat Condell and think the general atheist community are a bunch of mindless jerks who will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

However I digress. The profile page of the Mosque rant has a great number of links. Some of those links goes more into the history of the Cordoba House and what a Mosque really means to Muslims. I won’t post them all, but one link shows us that the Dutch government is helping to pay for the Ground Zero Mosque.

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