Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05) Needs Your Help Defeating Richard Nugent (CAN-R?-FL-05)!

It’s only 12 Days until primary and the conservative Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05) needs your help defeating the progressive-lite Richard Nugent (CAN-R?-FL-05)! This is the important race here in Florida’s Fifth, because the primary is the general election here!

Want reasons to support Sager? Here are just a few reasons:

Richard Nugent Supports The Oil Drilling Moratorium – His double-speak says it all. Honestly, my sister just became unemployed over this Drilling Moratorium.

Richard Nugent Supported/Supports Weapons Ban – “Nugent is either a liberal himself, or someone susceptible to the liberal agenda.” I could not have said it better myself. I, for one, don’t want to see this guy in national office.

Richard Nugent Loves Socialized Medicine – Dick* Nugent doesn’t support Paul Ryan‘s Roadmap, even though he says he does. And now he is spreading lies about how Sager will be taking away seniors, which Sager now needs to counter. However if you like Paul Ryan’s Roadmap and you want people in congress who will also support the roadmap, then please support him.

I am not some outsider here. I live in Florida’s Fifth Congressional District** and so I have been following this race since it began. I honestly wish I can give more than I have. If you guys do donate $50 or more, he’ll add a link in a chain and take it with him to Washington DC to remind him of why we sent him there. Since this district leans hard Republican, the one who wins here will very well win the general. It is important that we get the right person in and Jason Sager is that person! Stand with me when I Stand With Sager!!

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*Legit shortening of Richard.

**Get it? BigGator5?! Actually I had the username before I moved to the Fifth, but I think it was fate for me to end up here when I did.