Harry Reid, Please Meet Marco Rubio And The LAU

Harry Reid’s latest foot-in-mouth moment offends me. Because I know a couple of Conservative Hispanics.

Marco Rubio

I once met Marco Rubio when he was still down in the polls against Charlie Crist in the Republican Primary and I have a Man Crush on him like I do Jason Sager. This guy believes in American Exceptionalism and is a strong conservative.

Latinos And Americans United

I also met the founder of Latinos And Americans United, a Tea Party resource website to bring Americans together.

Dr. Juan Torres is a legal immigrant who thinks of himself as a American who just happens to be of Hispanic desent. He is a conservative and believes in American Exceptionalism.

You see a trend here, Harry Reid? I am sure there are many others who are Hispanic and Conservative, but we all believe in one thing: American Exceptionalism. It’s all about the American Dream and how we all believe in it. You should look into it, because the government has nothing to do with that dream.

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