Newsmax And Michael Reagan Endorses Bill McCollum (CAN-R-FL-GOV)

The other day, Newsmax (the real political news outlet of record) endorsed Bill McCollum (CAN-R-FL-GOV) for Florida Governor. Newsmax is based in Florida, so their voice counts in this race. This is what they have to say about Bill McCollum:

Why Bill McCollum Is Our Choice for Florida Governor

McCollum is a native Floridian, solid conservative, and experienced public servant who spent 20 years in the U.S. Congress.

McCollum first went to Washington as a congressman when Ronald Reagan entered the White House in 1981. He has remained a steadfast Reaganite, voting consistently for lower taxes, less government spending, and a strong national defense.

Well before Sept. 11, 2001, McCollum formed the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism when so many in Washington wanted to ignore the issue.

As Florida’s attorney general, McCollum has been a fighter and has shown real leadership. After Obamacare was signed into law, McCollum didn’t hesitate. He immediately sued to stop the federal healthcare overhaul, arguing it was unconstitutional: The federal government cannot force citizens to buy private insurance.

McCollum also has pushed for a crackdown on illegal aliens. He strongly supports implementing Arizona’s tough new immigration law in Florida.


It should not be forgotten that Florida is in the grips of a serious recession, one that afflicts the rest of the nation as well. But the state remains fiscally solvent and is not facing the budget and debt crises in states such as California and New York. One major reason Florida it is better off than so many other states is the eight years that Jeb Bush served as governor.

In Tallahassee, Gov. Bush was a tough fiscal conservative who kept spending down and state borrowing low.

Today, Jeb Bush strongly endorses Bill McCollum and says McCollum will continue his legacy when it comes to the state’s finances.

And many other leading conservatives have endorsed McCollum, including Steve Forbes, Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, Phyllis Schlafly, Mitt Romney, and Michael Reagan, among others.

Newsmax joins that list and encourages its readers to vote for a man of strong character with a proven track record: Bill McCollum

Read the whole thing. And speaking of Michael Reagan, he also endorses Bill McCollum:

Michael Reagan Endorses McCollum In Florida Race

Today, the McCollum Campaign for Governor announced Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan and a national conservative political commentator, has endorsed Bill McCollum in the Republican primary for governor.

“Bill McCollum has walked the walk. He first came to Washington when my dad entered the White House in 1980,” said Michael Reagan. “Together, they slashed taxes, cut spending and made America’s economy strong again. They re-built our armed forces which led directly to the fall of the Soviet Union.”

I agree with both Newsmax and Michael Reagan. Bill McCollum is a solid conservative leader here in Florida and we need a rock like McCollum after having progressive-lite Charlie Crist. Please learn all you can about Bill McCollum’s real solutions for Florida on Scribd. I know I stand with a real leader and that leader is Bill McCollum!

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