Rough And Tumble: Florida's Fifth Primary Heats Up

Primary update, from Florida’s Fifth Congressional District. It is a race to the finish here and nither candidate is going to give up without a fight.

Social Security Misinformation

Currently, Dick* Nugent is sending out a mailer that is telling seniors that Jason Sager wants to take away their Social Security/Medicare benefits. This is so far from the truth, that it is not even funny. Nugent is using Sager’s support of Paul Ryan‘s Roadmap to paint a picture of Sager yanking those benefits away. However the Roadmpa does no such thing. It preserves the existing Social Security/Medicare program for those 55 or older.

In fact, they both support the Roadmap (which I honestly doubt Nugent really supports Paul Ryan’s Roadmap):

Nugent is being very dishonest in scaring the seniors of Florida’s Fifth District, whcih just happens to cover The Villages. If I didn’t already know about the huge grassroots support Sager has already in place at The Villages, I’d be worried. I talked to a few seniors at my local South Lake Tea Party and they already love Jason Sager, so again, I’m not worried about Nugent’s lies.

Sign Of The Times

I read on Sager’s site that Nugent or Nugent Supporters are taking signs:

In the past few days we have been notified of Stand With Sager signs missing from various locations. A large 4’x4′ sign turned up missing in front of Candlelight Fitness & Bracken Chiropractic Health Center. The office parking lot where the sign was located is also shared by the Hernando Republican Excutive Commitee. Dr. Bracken said, “I was shocked to see that my sign wasn’t there. I’m so upset with the political system as it is. That’s why I’m supporting Mr. Sager. We’re trying to make it right, and they steal the sign. It’s incredible to me. Whoever stole it, they must be worried because Sager has a good platform, and it’s what we need for this country and for this state.”

We have also been notified of 4 yard signs missing from the vacant lot across from Sugar Mill Woods. At this particular location the signs were mysteriously replaced with Nugent signs.

Oh yeah, like that is going to endear people to you. These immature tactics are not winning you any points. You are a Sheriff, grow up or tell your supporters to grow up. Return the signs.

Dirty, But Not Personal

Still, at least no one has gotten personal. This is a issue driven campaign on both sides and that is commendable.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Nugent is a Progressive. His budget as a Sheriff has gone up every year since he was in office and he has expanded his role by taking over the county jail. The Conservative Jason Sager has been fighting liberals and progressives (longer than we have) and is deeply spiritual. The choice is clear. I Stand With Sager!

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*Dick is short for Richard. And right now, he is earning his nickname.