Latest Oil Drilling Moratorium Victim: My Sister

It doesn’t hit home, until it hits home: My sister has been laid off because of Obama’s Drilling Moratorium.

My sister works on a boat. I don’t know all the details, but they survey the Gulf floor for oil. Since they use high-power sonics, she is a look-out for marine life, like dolphins or whales. Of course, since there is no more new drilling, there is no need to survey the Gulf floor. In fact, her boat was working for Shell and not BP.

As you can see, Obama’s Oil Drilling Moratorium is effecting more people than those states that drill or work for BP. He is putting good people out of work who don’t need to be. Of course, that hasn’t stop Dick* Nugent from supporting the Drilling Moratorium. What Nugent doesn’t know, is that my sister lives in Jacksonville, Florida. So as you can see, the Drilling Moratorium is also effecting Floridians.

The choice is clear here in Florida’s Fifth. I Stand With Sager!

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*Dick short for Richard. Calling it like I see it.