Early Voting Starts In Florida: BigGator5 Picks

Early voting starts today in Florida. It will end August 21st. You can vote inbetween 9AM to 5PM, wherever early voting is taking place. You should vote as soon as possible and skip the lines come August 24th. Who am I voting for or endorsing? Well, here is my list:

Bill McCollum – Governor Of Florida

Solid Conservative leader here in Florida. When you boil it down, Rick Scott is an unknown and hasn’t given us a good reason to ditch McCollum other than he is a career politician. That isn’t enough for me.

McCollum has well thought out plans and is highly endorsed by Steve Forbes, Jeb Bush, and the Florida Chamber Of Commerce. I’ve talked to Bill McCollum, twice, and he and his campaign have been very nice to me. Giving me information and keeping me updated, they haven’t held back anything.

Pam Bondi – Attorney General

I was up for Jeff Kottkamp, up until a few weeks ago. Nothing against him, but the more I look into Pam Bondi, the more I like her.

Marco Rubio – US Senator

Do I have have to give a reason? This guy is awesome cool and I have been his fan since I met him.

Jason Sager – US House (5)

This soild conserative is someone I will be voting for in the primary. I have been talking about this race for some time now. If you still don’t know which to vote for, then I can’t help you.

Don Browning – US House (6)

I give my reasons why I am supporting the businessman Don Browning over the incumbent Republican Cliff Sterns, here. If I could vote for him, I would. ‘Nuff said.

Patricia Sullivan – US House (8)

I know the field is crowded here, but there is only one person I think of who should be replacing Alan Grayson: Patricia Sullivan. She’s a soild conserative, a mom (or Mama Grizzly!), and a community leader. Never held public office, she is not a politician.

Allen West – US House (22)

So, there you go. I already have my sample ballot all filled out and know who I am going to vote for later today. Agree with me or not, I am voting for who I think are the best people for the job.

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