Arizona's SB 1070 Comes To Boston

(Via Stop The ACLU) Obama thinks Arizona’s SB1070 is “misguided” and “irresponsible” and “bigotted”. Oh wait…

The Arizona law aimed at removing illegal immigrants has attracted attention and pitted the federal government against the state of Arizona.

But the Obama administration is quickly and quietly rolling out a program, started in Boston, that relies on the help of local police departments and is raising fears of racial profiling.

The program is called Secure Communities.

“(It) is our strategy to identify and remove criminal aliens,” says Jim Martin, the deputy field director for Boston’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office. “We focus on those that pose the most danger to communities, to the general public.”

The program will help the Obama administration reach its goal of deporting 400,000 immigrants this year. It depends on cities and towns funneling information on the people they arrest to immigration authorities, who check to see if they’re violating immigration laws and might be deportable.

I like it, but then why slam SB 1070? This isn’t about racial profiling or immigration. It’s all about control: Control of the debate, control at the federal level, and control of the hispanic vote.

This isn’t about racial profiling, because not even the federal government can’t guarantee it won’t happen at the federal level. Just because Barack Obama is a black man and a liberal, doesn’t mean that the federal government is good. It seemed to me, that liberals and progressives hated the federal government up until Obama got into office.

And this isn’t about immigration, because everyone seems to be against illegal immigration. Even those who come on FOX News to denounce Arizona’s SB 1070 are forced to admit that they do not support breaking the law. However they do fall onto the tried “If they are here, should be able to stay here” bullcrap and/or that local cops are racist, which I debunked above.

This is about control. Democrats/Liberals want to control the message that Republicans/Conservatives cannot be trusted with immigration becauset they are racist. Did you know those Jim Crow Laws were written by Democrats?

Now that a Democrat is in charge of the White House, they want that control at the federal level. I think they believe they will be in charge forever. We thought we be in charge forever too, until 2006 and 2008 came crashing down around us.

Democrats/Liberals/Progressives think they are doing this for the hispanic vote. However even that is not for certain. There is a growing group of conservative hispanics that are rejecting progressivism wholesale.

So, there you go. They are suing Arizona, then turning around and working with local police to catch/deport illegal immigrants. This would be funny if there wasn’t such a waste of money and energy.

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