Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05): Protest Warrior

Man, you just can’t help but love Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05). I mean, this guy is the original Tea Party/912er. That is no boast, it is a fact:

That was Sager’s “Patrick Henry moment” and he knew he had to get involved.

Not in the normal way of speechifying and holding the occasional rally, although the then-27-year-old joined the respectable NYC Young Republican Club for conservative activists.

But around January 2003, he also joined a group of about a hundred other young like-minded activists and became a member of the New York chapter of Protest Warrior, often dressing up as communist revolutionary Che Guevara.

Protest Warrior was a satirical, covert group who crashed anti-war and anti-George Bush protest events and blended in with the group. Members would hold up mock signs purporting to espouse the same liberal views.

Come, Jason Sager will hide nothing from you:

(Part Two)

Protes Warrior

The latest twist even comes with a visual aid: Sager dressed as Che Guevara, the dogmatic Marxist executioner, holding a sign – “Communists for Kerry” – that begs elaboration. Here’s some: In the summer of 2004, Sager, living in Brooklyn, was a leader of the New York chapter of Protest Warriors, a lively, if small, anti-anti-war group “arm(ing) the liberty-loving silent majority with ammo … that strikes at the intellectual solar plexus of the Left” using satire and street theater.

While Protest Warriors’ signs and costumes seemed to echo the very messages they meant to spoof – “War Never Solved Anything” – closer inspection revealed their genuine intent: “Except for ending slavery, fascism, Nazism and communism.”

Not that Jason Sager should be mistaken for some modern-day midnight rider. Anonymity may yet be his reward. But in this peculiar campaign season, a candidate with a record of 21st century activism inspired by 18th century sensibilities may be just what the electorate ordered.

Long before we were protesting and getting invloved, Jason Sager was fighting those progressives in their nest: New York City

He wasn’t alone, but to protest dressed up as Che Guevara? That takes some guts of steel. I don’t think I could do what Jason did. It was like Daniel went proudly into the lions den.

Some Explainin To Do

Thank you, Mr. Sager, for having the courage to stand up for America regardless of the personal cost. And a big thank you to Mr. Ingoglia for finally exposing what the Republican insiders have been up to. You say that Mr. Sager has some explaining to do. He has always told people, including you, about his days in New York as an activist. I can’t imagine the passion that drove him to get involved to that degree. Perhaps only the people who were actually in New York City would understand that level of anger.

However, I think it is you, Mr. Ingoglia, who has some explaining to do. You have injected a level of hypocrisy into this campaign that is beyond the pale. You show up at Mr. Sager’s rallies and fundraisers and pat him on the back and shake his hand. Then you have the gall to demand an explanation of his activities that you yourself have known about for quite some time because he told you about them over a year ago.

Even before the Tea Party was a glim in Rick Santelli’s eye, Sager was fighting for us and the people of Florida’s Fifth are taking notice. Conservatives are turning away from people like Mr. Ingoglia and looking to people who would fight for them, like Jason Sager. The choice is clear. I Stand With Sager!

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