Another Call With Bill McCollum (CAN-R-FL-GOV)

I would like to start this out with a story. This will give you a little reason as to why I am supporting Bill McCollum (however this is not the only reason).

When Rick Scott first brust onto the scene, I emailed his campaign asking if there was any way I can interview Rick Scott if he comes by my area. I wanted to get his take on why he enter the race and his side of the whole Columbia/HCA Fruad case. I got a response from them saing to the effect: “We’re only talking to real reporters.”

I tell you this, not because I am bitter, but because Bill McCollum’s Campaign reached out to little old me to be part of their first Blogger Conference Call. Just a few minutes ago, I was asked to take part in a Post-Debate Blogger Conference Call!

If you want to learn more about Bill McCollum’s roadmap for Florida, check out these fine documents: Scibd – Bill McCollum

When Bill McCollum came on, he first talked some on his efforts on the Arizona and ObamaCare suits and a little on the debate last night. He expressed that he would like more debates going forward and hopes they will focus more on the issues. Bill McCollum said he would like to start a Genesis Fund (or seed money) to jump-start High, Bio, and Aerospace tech firms to come to Florida. He would like to get some sort of Tort Reform like they have in Texas. McCollum thinks we could better devolop our Biomass resources for cleaner energy and bring Nuclear Energy to Florida. He also thinks we should do something about our water policy.

The Economy

So with that in mind, I got the first question. While I love his overall economic plan (major selling points: cut Florida’s corporate tax from 5.5% to 4.5% and a freeze on property taxes for the next few years), I wanted to get more information on the “No Sales” Tax plan. When asked for some details, I was given a very simple answer. When a Hightech or Biotech or Aerospace company locates or relocates to Florida, they will need to buy equipment. Most of this equipment is unique, huge, and expensive. They will be given a credit for what they pay in the sales tax for this equipment.


Knowing he already supports Amendment 8, I asked him what else can we do for Florida’s education. Bill McCollum agreed that there is just way too much overhead in our schools. Not enough of the money is going to actual educating our kids. He’ll be more than happy to work with local school boards in lowering that cost as well as fix the state guide-lines in that area. He supports Merit Pay, as well as putting an end to teacher tenure. McCollum thinks we need more school choice, including more choice for the students within schools. Bill McCollum noted that teachers also need to continued their own education, to keep up with our ever changing world.

Again, please learn all you can about Bill McCollum from his site as well as from Scibd. I support and vote for Bill McCollum, because he is a proven conservative leader here in Florida and he has the right ideas.

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