From The Rick Scott Fraud Files: Don't Get Rick Roll'd

This is what I have been saying Bill McCollum should do, go after Rick Scott’s involvement with Columbia/HCA:

Rick Scott says he will run Florida like a business, but then defrauds the government with grossly overbilling Medicare with Columbia/HCA and got a $10 Million golden parachute. Will he again give himself a golden parachute if he defrauds the Florida people?

I would check out all of the Rick Scott Fraud Files if I were you. Couple with Rick Scott skirting campaign finance laws with his Let’s Get To Work group, Rick Scott seems to think the rules don’t matter to him. I fear him becoming governor, because I don’t think Rick Scott has any ethics.

Breaking Update: On top of everything, Rick Scott may be in trouble in his CURRENT health care business. So I ask you, do you trust Rick Scott?

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