Richard Nugent (CAN-R?-FL-05) Loves His Socialized Medicine!

(Via Wake Up 1776) First. Richard Nugent (CAN-R?-FL-05) supports the oil drilling moratorium. Then we find out that he’s not really into the Second Amendment. Now we find out he is really loving his Medicare:

Sheriff Nugent recently wrote an article on his facebook stating that he will defend Medicare and stated that Jason Sager believes Medicare is unconstitutional (which it is!) and implies that Sager will dismantle it. Below is the text of Nugent’s blog.

Today is the 45th Anniversary of Medicare. Medicare was a landmark achievement that was dramatically improved on with the addition of Part D and Medicare Advantage. For the first time in Medicare, Seniors have real choice in both coverage and provider options. However, Medicare is under siege. My opponent says Medicare is unconstitutional. The Administration has cut Medicare programs to pay for the massive government expansion we know as Obamacare. As your Representative, I will fight to protect Medicare from those who would dismantle it and make Medicare stronger for those already on it.

That’s right, you tell them Nugent! You should also tell them how Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid is bankrupting America! Oh wait…

Anyway, the biggestest thing here is that Dick* Nugent is misrepresenting Jason Sager’s standance on the issue of those unfund liabilities. Basicly, Jason Sager believes in Paul Ryan’s A Roadmap For America’s Future**. But Nugent believes in more of the same big government.

I like Paul Ryan’s Raodmap. It is a very good plan. The roadmap is actually part of the official policy of Republicans on The Budget Committee and if they win the House this election, Paul Ryan will be the Chairman of that committee. If elected to congress, Nugent would side with Democrats to stop the roadmap and Sager would work with fellow conservatives to get it passed. The choice is clear. I Stand With Sager!

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*Dick is short for Richard. Just saying.

**The best review for the roadmap comes from, of all places, the LA Times.