Mike Huckabee Endorses Richard Nugent (CAN-R?-FL-05)

The Huckabuck is now getting involved in the race that no one really knows about:

Mike Huckabee Endorses Nugent For Congress

Former presidential candidate, Arkansas governor and current talk show host Mike Huckabee announced he is endorsing Richard Nugent for U.S. Congress.

I’m not going any further. I will say this again, I do not like Mike Huckabee. Not only because of Maurice Clemmons and Wayne DuMond, but his record as Arkansas’ Governor has a lot to be desired. Both Judicial Watch and the Cato Institute hated Huckabee by the time he left office. And his presidential election campaign also seemed forced. It was like: Why should I vote for you?

Man, I hope this isn’t the start of another presidential campaign from Huckabuck. This is not an endorsement I would be happy about if I was Richard Nugent.

In contrast, Jason Sager is endorsed by the people of the Fifth District:

I see no flaws in Mr. Sager’s integrity or his credentials as a candidate. Mr. Sager is a four-year U.S. Navy veteran who has studied the Constitution and how our Republic was designed to work before the checks and balances were systematically removed.

Mr. Sager is a rare man of conscience; his word is his bond. I find his sincerity refreshing. We could use a hundred more like him in Congress toward the restoration of our great Republic.

Jason Sager is exactly what our district and our country needs right now. He has my entire family’s full support, and we intend to vote for him on primary day. My hope is that many others will join us in doing the same.

It’s about time we start sending our Mr. Smiths to Washington.

The choice is clear. I Stand With Sager.

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