Let's Get To Work, Still Getting Their Facts Wrong

FactCheck.org again sets Rick Scott’s lying PAC straight:

Let’s Get to Work, a political committee largely financed by Florida gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott’s wife, is at it again – falsely claiming that Attorney General Bill McCollum used a “chartered airplane” to commute to work and charged taxpayers $280,000. McCollum has access to a state plane, but it’s not true that he uses it to commute. And the amount of money he spent on air travel – all of it involving state business – is exaggerated.

Before we go any further, I’d like to blast Rick Scott for his Let’s Get To Work. Working with a PAC is one thing. Getting money from a PAC is one thing. Setting one up, funding, then using it to throw attack ads at your opponent, is dirty and underhanded. The avarge Joe, not knowing anything about Let’s Get To Work, would think they are a third-party taking the side of Rick Scott. If it isn’t illegal, it’s immoral and I condemn it fully.

Again, only FactCheck.org is exposing the political commitee paid and bought for by Rick Scott for distorting the facts. In their ad, “Frequent Flyer” distorts a joint article by Miami Herald and St. Petersburg Times on air travel by Florida Cabinet officials from January 2007 to June 22, 2009. It was the entire Attorney General Office, not just McCollum.

Another huge exaggeration, is the ad claims that some of those flights were for personal reasons. But Rick Scott leaves out the fact that the bipartisan Florida Commission on Ethics “unanimously cleared [McCollum] of allegations that he misused the state aircraft for his personal purposes rather than for official state business by diverting planes to pick him up or drop him off near his home in Sanford, Florida and that he used the planes to fly to personal destinations unrelated to state business.”

Rick Scott says he wants to bring accountability to Tallahassee, but the man has yet to account for a few things:

1) The Billion Dollar Columbia/HCA fraud case. He was booted by the board when he wanted to fight the charges and when they got rid of him, they settle out of court.

2) If the fraud happen at Columbia Hospital Corporation without his knowledge, is he going to be just as blind to corruption as Governor Of Florida? Can we really take that chance?

3) I have already discribed above Rick Scott’s “Let’s Get To Work”. If he doesn’t like Florida Campaign Finance Laws and is willing to skirt them when they become inconvenient, I wonder what kind of laws he is going to skirt as governor.

I question the kind of accountability Rick Scott will bring to Florida. Just because Rick Scott has never been in elected office, does not makes him the better choice over McCollum. I mean, just look at Jesse Ventura’s tenure as Governor of Minnesota. The people hated him when he left office and he couldn’t run for a second term, even if he wanted to. Do not get me started on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This is why I am supporting Bill McCollum, who has a solid conservative record and is a proven leader* here in Florida.

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PS: I am sorry I am so late on this, but I’ve had a lot on my plate of late. I have just now been able to get to this false attack on Bill McCollum.

*Steve Forbes endorsed!