Florida Chamber Of Commerce Makes Historic Gubernatorial Endorsement

Never before in it’s nearly 100-year history has the Florida Chamber Of Commerce make a gubernatorial endorsement. Today, that ended:

McCollum Endorsed By Florida Chamber Of Commerce

The mouthpiece for 140,000 of Florida’s businesses has voted and wants Bill McCollum to be the Republican nominee for governor.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce endorsed McCollum at the Port of Tampa Wednesday. It is the organization’s first gubernatorial endorsement in its nearly 100-year history.

Chamber Chairman Steve Halverson, who is president of the Haskell Company, said the chamber reviewed both McCollum’s and his opponent’s economic plans. The chamber then concluded that McCollum is more likely than former CEO Rick Scott to achieve results creating jobs and improving the state’s economy.

“Bill McCollum was the clear candidate of choice,” Halverson said.

Why is the chamber just now making an endorsement in the gubernatorial race?

Halverson explained that the rare endorsement was a product of uncertain economic times.

“Given the significance of where Florida is…we thought it was especially significant,” he said.

First, Steve Forbes endorsed Bill McCollum and now the Florida Chamber Of Commerce. For a “businessman”, Rick Scott doesn’t have much support from the business community. Maybe it’s because he oversaw the company which committed the largest Medicaid and Medicare fraud in history.

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