Ten Buck Fridays: Patricia Sullivan (CAN-R-FL-08) Needs Your Help!

This is your chance to vote for Patricia Sullivan (CAN-R-FL-08), even if you don’t live in FL-08! How? Right Klik’s Ten Buck Fridays!

From now until July 30th, you can vote for Patricia Sullivan (CAN-R-FL-08) to get some much needed cash and exposure for her campaign. If she wins the online poll, many conservative bloggers from around the blogosphere will promote the Sullivan campaign. I can’t force you to vote for her, but I hoghly recommend she win this online poll.

After you vote in the poll, head over to her website and see if you also can’t donate some money. For every donation of $20.10, she’ll add 10 links in a physical chain that will “chain down the Federal Government” to the US Constitution.

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