Latinos And Americans United

Last night, I was lucky to meet Dr. Juan Torres at my local Tea Party meeting. He was the featured guest speaker. The reason he was the guest speaker, because he is the founder of the Latino Tea Party resource website:

Latinos And Americans United.org

Dr. Juan Torres

Dr. Torres is an Orlando doctor who is also a legal immigrant. His journey to become a doctor and an American, began when he was 14. Getting a disease, that was mistaken as Polio, Dr. Torres knew he wanted to treat people and do so in America. And, just resently, the second part of his dream came true.

Dr. Torres thought that there was something not right with Obama. When the whole Tea Party movement started, he wanted to get involved in his own way. So with the help of his good friend, he was able to put this site together. The goal of this site is to educate Latinos about our nation, the history of the United States, the Obama/Liberal adgena, and why the Tea Party matters to them.

Dr. Torres also related some stories. One was when he met another doctor that was from Cuba. The Cuban doctor said that he was paid a minimum wage of about $10. Dr. Torres, wanting to make this doctor feel better, said that minimum wage here in Florida is $7.25 an hour. The Cuban doctor stop Dr. Torres and responded: “No, you don’t understand. I made $10, a MONTH!”

Torres ended his story with a warning that if ObamaCare is not repealed, he fears that is a fate of American Doctors as well.

Francisco Saavedra

One of the bigges things about the website is the story of Francisco Saavedra. One of the untold heros of the American Revolution, Saavedra played a critical role in the Yorktown:

He is rarely mentioned in history books; however, Saavedra was the man of the hour as the French Admiral de Grasse prepared for the naval battle of Yorktown. He assisted de Grasse in preparations for the trip from the Caribbean to Yorktown and to raise the money to supply and finance the French Army’s voyage, and the Continental Army at Yorktown.

So let’s thank Dr. Torres for sharing Saavedra’s story with us. Please visit the site, become a member (you do not need to be a Latino to join and it’s free!), and spread the word. Even if you are not a Latino, this site is entertaining and informative.

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