Richard Nugent (CAN-R?-FL-05) Supports Weapons Ban

In the first debate between Richard Dick* Nugent and Jason Sager, Nugent showed us he supports the Oil Drilling Moratorium, wanting to cost people jobs in another state in order to score points with the people of Floridians.

Well, in the second debate, we got yet another surprise from Richard Nugent (via Wake Up 1776**):

Rich Nugent is asked why he supported a gun ban earlier in his career. Instead of disavowing his past beliefs, he begins to defend his action by stating that it was an “emotional issue”. Folks, this is how liberals pass everything – they push things on us using emotional issues and knee-jerk reactions. Rich Nugent is either a liberal himself, or someone susceptible to the liberal agenda. We don’t need someone who compromises on the US Constitution and 2nd Amendment Rights in congress. We need someone who will stand by the Constitution no matter what. And that person is Jason Sager. Just compare the passion and loyalty to the US Constitution by listening to these two responses.

Bolding mine. I could not have said it better myself, Wake Up 1776. However I would describ Nugent as a Big Government Progressive Republican, than a liberal. That is why I Stand With Sager.

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*Dick is short for Richard. He has earned that nickname.

**Wake Up 1776 has their own video, but you can barely hear what Nugent says.