Charlie Crist's Special Session To Ban Offshore Oil Drilling Is Unnecessary

Charlie Crist’s call for a special session is both unnecessary and a waste of money.

Two papers have come out in opposition to the special session and the amendment:

The News-Press: “There is no way Florida should allow oil drilling anywhere near its coastline, and the chances of that happening after the Louisiana oil spill are nil, for many years. But a state constitutional amendment permanently banning drilling in state waters is a bad idea. Constitutional referendums are a clumsy way to make policy. They should not be used unless it is clear that the Legislature is refusing to act on an issue.”

The Panama City News Herald: “What’s the rush? Drilling in state waters already is prohibited by law, and since Deepwater Horizon occurred even the most ardent proponents of changing policy have admitted that their support has collapsed. It likely will be years before the issue is resurrected. That’s as it should be. The state – indeed, the nation – first needs to find out why the oil rig blew up and its safety systems failed, allowing millions of gallons of oil to gush from the sea floor, foul the Gulf and threaten coastlines.”

And of course, the special session will cost the state money it doesn’t have.

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