Patricia Sullivan (CAN-R-FL-08), Campaigning The Old Old Fashioned Way

Before the internet, tv, radio, and the telephone, there was only one real way to get out the vote: Canvassing. Which is what Patricia Sullivan (CAN-R-FL-08) and volunteers are doing right now. In fact, that is what I did on the 16th and will hopefully do this coming weekend.

But I am getting a little ahead of myself. Let me tell you a little about Patricia Sullivan…

Patricia Sullivan has lived in Florida since 1973. An AA graduate of Seminole Community College, she and husband Scott have been married for eighteen years. Lake County residents since 2001, the Sullivans have four children: Jennifer, Danny, Ben, and Emily. Named “Volunteer of the Year” in 2007 by the Florida State 4-H Youth Development Program, she has served in 4-H since 2002. Patricia is also founder and president of the Lake County 4-H Foundation, which secures scholarship resources for leadership camps and other youth activities. Also a home schooler, she knows the importance of local, not federal, control over education. Co-founder of the North Lake Tea Party, Patricia Sullivan was (like many of us) spurred into action by what she saw as a wrong dirrection our country is heading in.

She, along with six others, are looking for the honor of replacing Alan Grayson. However she is not sitting around waiting for the votes to come in. With a crowded primary, she is out there trying to get her name out to the voting public. I know when I went out there, they went to Super Voters houses. These are Republicans who have voted in the last two primaries or register since the last general election.

But they need your help. Anyone living in the Orlando Area who is willing to knock on a stranger’s door, please check out the campaign’s contact page and tell you can help out. Who knows, I might meet you out there this weekend!

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