Surprise! Richard Nugent (CAN-R?-FL-05) Supports Oil Moratorium

Last night there was a debate between Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05) and Richard Dick Nugent (CAN-R?-FL-05). Sager moped the the floor with Nugent up and down the auditorium. If you were a Nugent supporter that night, it was painful to watch.

So the debate turns to that of the oil spill and this is where Nugent just totally embarrassed himself, more-so than when he threw Ginny Brown-Waite under the bus. He more or less said he supported the oil moratorium, that is currently putting thousands out of work. Watch as this slime talks politician (the best part starts at 2:30):

Of course he can say that, no one is effected here in Florida. Oil drilling is banned right now and it doesn’t look like that is going to change any time soon. Nugent, if it was up to him, would put people not in his district out of work and he doesn’t have to answer to them.

Wake Up 1776 has all five parts up that he took. If I knew he was there, I would have said hello. Hey dude, email me!

Anyway, I also had my camera. But my battery died before I could get to this point. However from the footage I did get, I was able to put together this amazing video:

Jason Sager has been talking about this Executive Reform Act Of 2011 for some time now and I will tell more about it, as soon as I can.

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