A Hill To Die On: Florida's Fifth Congressional District Edition

There have been many battles on hills and most worth dying to take or keep them. However never have there been a more important one than the battle of Little Round Top. We all know the story, Little Round Top was ignored until Brig. Gen. Warren notice that the Confederates where about to take the hill and control a large part of the of Union’s left flank. Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, commander of the 20th Maine, was order there and told to hold at all costs. They held. Some say Pickett’s Charge was the turning point of the battle, and the war, but I say it was Little Round Top. If that hill was taken, Cemetery Hill and Culp’s Hill would have been exposed on their left to the Confederates. The Battle of Gettysburg would have turned out very differently.

Today there is a battle going on and there is a small, but important, engagement happening in Florida’s Fifth Congressional District. However instead of defending this hill, we must take this hill.

Richard Nugent

Currently, Florida’s 5th Congressional District is held by a Progressive Republican Ginny Brown-Waite who believes in a living Living Constitution. Don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself in her own words. Because of health reasons, she choose not to run again and in a very underhanded way put up her own successor:

U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, who has represented much of Lake County since she was first elected in 2002, called Hernando County Sheriff Richard Nugent late one night in March and asked him if he had considered running for Congress. He hadn’t.

Brown-Waite, a Brooksville Republican, planned to retire due to health concerns, and she wanted him to run in her place, Nugent told the Orlando Sentinel.

By April 24, after long days of consideration and prayer, Nugent said he decided he’d run for her District 5 seat… But it wasn’t until Friday that Brown-Waite, who had an easy time in previous re-election races, announced her surprise plan to retire and leave her seat up for grabs – minutes after the qualifying deadline. She immediately issued a statement expressing her support for Nugent.

In Nugent’s own words, it was her seat and they did it her way. One of the first things Richard Nugent did after his underhanded entry into this race was to head to Washington DC to collect thousands in campaign contributions including $5,000 from Brown-Waite. Nugent became a Washington DC insider even before he being elected into office.

However we can look at Dick* Nugent’s record to see that he too will become a Progressive Republican. In the many years in been sheriff, his budget has increase by $12 Million. But the biggest thing that bothers me about Nugent, is that he is expanding his role as sheriff. A real Republican wants to shrink the role of government, not expand government. Nugent may say he’s for smaller government, but his actions as sheriff tell a different story.

Jason Sager

Born in Florida, Jason Sager moved to Hernado County and after graduating high school, joined the Navy. When he return, Sager went to Pasco Hernando Community College and became a Audio-Visual Engineer in New York City. After witnessing the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center, he turned to political activism. Coming back to Florida, he lost his job in 2008 when the economy went south and has been active in the Hernando 912 Group. When he saw Brown-Waite’s speech on the Living Constitution, Jason did something he was told was near impossible: He wanted to take that hill. So in October of last year, he set out to collect the signatures needed to get on the ballot and start the debate.

That was then I heard about him. Not really happy with Ginny Brown-Waite myself, I signed the petition. However before I would vote for him, I wanted to get to know him. I took a look at his website, but inspiration hit me and asked if I can interview him. I did and I have been a supporter ever since.

Sager says he is a Jeffersonian Republican and is a Constitutionalist. He will not bring home the bacon, but he will be a Representive to the people and will work with businesses & people so that they can do their business.

He has gotten the endorsements from Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly of Florida, iCaucus, and Patriots’ Ink. Sager has also joined The Freshmen 50 and the Conservative Freshmen Coalition. He has signed the Contract From America, Citizens Against Government Waste “No Pork” Pledge, and FreedomWorks Earmark Pledge.

The choice is clear. We must stand with the real Conservative Republican. We must Stand With Sager (CAN-R-FL-05).

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*Short for Richard, just calling it like I see it.