On Call With Bill McCollum (CAN-R-FL-GOV)

Imaigne my surprised at being invited to Bill McCollum’s Blogger Conference Call. I am honored to be recognize by their campaign. Now granted I am already a supporter, but I did go into the call with a critical eye.

Bill McCollum (CAN-R-FL-GOV) started the call with things he is doing as Attorney General: He just filed papers in which Florida will fight the Obama Administration in support of Arizona (details here).

The first question was about the BP Oil Spill and Cap And Tax. Bill McCollum is disappointed about the response from the Obama Administration. He doesn’t like Cap And Tax and will fight it as governor.

In a follow-up question, McCollum thinks Charlie Crist’s special session to ban offshore oil drilling is unnecessary, because we are not going to be drilling off Florida any time soon. I will write more about that as soon as I can.

Some questions on our economy got us some solutions over rhetoric:

1) Bill McCollum wants to put a freeze on property taxes for the next few years.

2) He wants to to cut Florida’s corporate tax from 5.5% to 4.5%.

3) A “No Sales Tax” on high-end technology purchases, to promote the industrial side of Florida.

Bill McCollum also notes that, while he has nothing against tourism, this recession and oil spill has shown we cannot rely completely on tourism.

On the issue of the upcoming Amendment 4, the so-called “Florida Hometown Democracy Land Use”, is a really bad idea. Believes it will slow growth and business. Again, will talk more on that later.

I wanted to change things up a little. As some of you might know, or not, my girlfriend is in the Army and serving currently in Afghanistan. So my question was about the Florida National Guard and his thoughts on this great group. Bill McCollum said he supports our National Guard and will keep them well equipped and trained for anything. He notes that every unit has served with honor in the War On Terror over seas.

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