Meet Patricia Sullivan (CAN-R-FL-08)

There are seven people running for the Republican Nomination for Florida’s Eighth Congressional District. They are all looking for the honor to replace Alan Grayson*. Out of them all, one stands out. Meet Patricia Sullivan (CAN-R-FL-08).

Who Is She?

Patricia Sullivan has lived in Florida since 1973. An AA graduate of Seminole Community College, she and husband Scott have been married for eighteen years. Lake County residents since 2001, the Sullivans have four children: Jennifer, Danny, Ben, and Emily. Named “Volunteer of the Year” in 2007 by the Florida State 4-H Youth Development Program, she has served in 4-H since 2002. Patricia is also founder and president of the Lake County 4-H Foundation, which secures scholarship resources for leadership camps and other youth activities. Also a home schooler, she knows the importance of local, not federal, control over education. Co-founder of the North Lake Tea Party, Patricia Sullivan was (like many of us) spurred into action by what she saw as a wrong dirrection our country is heading in.

Issues And Endorsements

Patricia Sullivan, like many others, is not a mulit-millionaire, lawyer, or doctor. She is just a simple homemaker trying to make a difference in this world. She balances her budget and knows how to deal with a house full of children. Pro-Life, Pro-Legal Immigation, and wants an “All Of The Above” Energy Policy.

She is endorsed by iCaucus, Freedomworks.org, and has signed the Contract From America.

Dan Fanelli?

I was at my local Tea Party last night where Patricia Sullivan was a guest speaker. There, Dan Fanelli and his crew, instead of coming in and talking to us, came to all of our cars and put fliers on all our windshields. From a misunderstanding, he is calling Patricia Sullivan dishonest and a saboteur. What happen, if I got this right, was that Dan Fanelli was trying to turn a TEA Party Express music video into a campaign video and the person shooting the video, a Sullivan supporter, was having none of it.

Instead of coming in and being a man, Dan Fanelli and group are sneaking around and calling Ms. Sullivan names in fliers on people’s cars. Which I personally found childish. So we don’t need to replace a Democrat Child with a Republican Child.

Why Patricia Sullivan?

Let her tell you, in her own words:


*Gah, nothing boils my blood more than that man. I’m Pro-Life, how about you?