Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Cares More For Illegals Than Actual Citizens

I think the same can be said for any pro-Illegal activist:

Tea Party Activists Push Philly Mayor To Renew City’s Contract With Immigration on Arrest Records

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter’s opposition to renewing a contract allowing federal immigration authorities full access to city arrest records is infuriating local Tea Party activists and their allies who say the potential move could jeopardize the public safety of residents and visitors to the city.

Supporters of the contract held a news conference Thursday in Philly to express their safety concerns after they said the mayor’s office ignored their requests for a meeting but dispatched city officials to a meeting last month organized by a coalition of pro-immigrant groups where immigrants voiced their mistrust of the police.

“Mayor Nutter’s decision to conceal illegal alien criminals from federal immigration authorities will result in the deaths of innocent Americans,” Peter Gadiel, the president of 9/11 Families for a Secure America, said in a press release. “We who have been the victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens have paid the price for such policies implemented by other politicians who are more interested in the votes of illegals and their supporters than in the safety of American citizens.”

Well, he must have a very good re-

Nutter has said he opposes the agreement because he believes it discourages illegal immigrants from reporting crimes out of fear that they will be deported.

Right, he wants to turn Philadelphia into a sanctuary city.

Why is it that these people are more interested in protecting illegal immigrants over actual citizens? This has never made much sense to me. Then again, Democrats don’t make much sense to begin with, so there you go. This guy is also in until 2012, so the people of Philadelphia will just have to live with him until then. However it is never too early to start a campaign to oust him for 2012.

If you happen to live in Philadelphia and want to voice your displeasure, here is the phone number to Mayor Michael Nutter’s office*: (215) 686-2181**


*This number can be found on the very public City of Philadelphia Phone Directory, I just did the leg work for you.

**I am unsure of the area code. It could be 215 or 267. If someone could try both and report back, I’ll update it with the confirmed area code.