Steve Forbes Endorses McCollum, Blasts Scott

(H/T Newsmax.com) In the Tampa Tribune, Steve Forbes, two time Republican Presidential Candidate and self-described “Capitalist Tool“, endorsed Bill McCollum:

The top priority for Florida’s next governor will be fostering an economic climate that makes it easier for businesses to grow, prosper and create jobs. Florida is suffering from one of the country’s highest unemployment rates, and it will take years to replace the more than 900,000 jobs the state has lost during this deep recession.

It is for this reason, among others, that I am supporting Attorney General Bill McCollum in the Republican gubernatorial primary. His economic plan will accelerate Florida’s recovery and facilitate the creation of more than half a million jobs over the next six years.

I’ve known Bill for many years, since his days as a congressman representing Orlando. He’s an experienced leader with a fine record on the issues that matter to Florida Republicans. When he says he will cut business taxes and remove regulatory roadblocks to job creation – he’s going to do it.

Steve Forbes has also endorsed Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, so he’s not just siding with the Republican insiders, but people who can make a difference in our political landscape. As I have said Bill McCollum is a proven conservative leader here in Florida and Steve Forbes agree.

In the same article, Steve Forbes slams Rick Scott:

[I]t’s hard to know what to make of Bill’s primary opponent. Rick Scott boasts about his experience building HCA/Columbia, a massive network of for-profit hospitals that at one time employed one in every 1,000 American workers. For some reason, he doesn’t like to talk about how that story ends – being ousted as CEO by his board of directors, massive federal fraud charges and unprecedented company fines totaling $1.7 billion.

After years investigating HCA, federal law enforcement officials found evidence that Scott’s hospitals kept two sets of books. The first tracked actual expenses, while the second contained inflated figures that were submitted to the government for reimbursement. By the time charges were filed, HCA officials admitted to systematically overcharging the government – and by extension taxpayers – with fraudulent claims, including exaggerating the treatment of Medicare patients to increase billings.

It should be noted that while HCA agreed to plead guilty to 14 felonies in five states, Scott himself was never charged with any crimes due to differences in the laws at the time. But there’s a higher standard than just indictment here, and it’s one that requires all Republican voters to ask themselves: “What did Scott know about HCA’s criminal conduct, and when did he know it?”

I have asked that question to myself since I began to look into Rick Scott. With HCA and his current dirty tactics, I don’t think we want this guy in the highest office in Florida.

Also, no one has yet been able to answer WHY we should choose Rick Scott over Bill McCollum. Just because Rick Scott has never been in elected office, does not make him more of a good guy over McCollum. I mean, just look at Jesse Ventura’s tenure as Governor of Minnesota. The people hated him when he left office and he couldn’t run for a second term, even if he wanted to. Do not get me started on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Again, I’m going with the proven leader over the unknown.


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