Rubio Campaign Wakes Up With New Web Ad

(Via Hot Air)

The strategy may be more clever than Javier Manjarres (of Shark Tank) believes. Traditionally, few people pay attention to politics in the summer; the media doesn’t call this season “the doldrums” for nothing. Spending money on advertising while TV viewership declines and voters focus on vacations and family events saps strength and precious funds for only middling benefit. Plus, the departure of Crist from the primary removed all of the drama of this summer’s contest, and so it’s much less newsworthy and interesting.

Furthermore, Crist has to spend money now in order to raise money, thanks to his switch to independent status and the lack of an organization to support him. Crist’s campaign will raise less money with a higher burn rate, in all likelihood, which means that Rubio can keep his campaign coffers stuffed. By the time people are paying attention to the race in September and October, Rubio will have a lot of money to spend, and will use it to blanket the airwaves when people are actually watching television. Crist presumably won’t be able to keep up at that point and will face a serious disadvantage in the crucial final weeks of the election.

I agree with Ed Morrissey on this one. There is no reason for the Rubio camp to spend money right now in the TV off-season. I worked in marketing briefly and you have to spend your money wisely.

Nice thing about this ad, is that it can be converted into a TV if they really wanted to hit Crist with it since it’s only a minute long. Brilliant.