What The "TEA Party" Means To Me

What does the TEA Party means for me?

I will admit that I haven’t been active in the TEA Party movement all that much. I do have my “Don’t Tread On Me” Flag and support the grassroots movement from the very beginning. However when it comes to actual participation, I have been lacking. This will change come the 12th of this month when I head over to my local TEA Party meeting.

What has changed? Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05) has showed me that it’s time to make stand and that one person can make a difference. He challenge a sitting representative, in which he was told could not be unseated, even in a primary. Sager didn’t get into this for fame, but to make a difference and to shape the debate. Now that the incumbent is retiring, Jason Sager is now in place to take back this seat for a Constitutionalist Conservative Republican since, well, it was created. Let’s not forget Don Browning (CAN-R-FL-06), who is another avarge guy taking on the status quo.

Still, there is a debate going on in the Republican Party. On one side is the Republican Establishment, and while they have good intentions, who has lost touch with American people and the conservative base. Some of them are still good, but most of them need to go. On the other side is the grassroots movement that has called itself the TEA Party and a similar group created by Glenn Beck called the 912 Movement. This debate is being played out in primaries all across the country. However this debate will not end this year, because in 2012 the debate will move to the presidential primary.

But what is the TEA Party Movement? What does it mean to you? For some, it means “Tax Enough Already” Party. However that is too simple an answer for me, because Taxes is only part of the problem. Big Government, Debt, Education, and much, much more. For me, it’s “The Enough Already” Party.

History Of The TEA Party Movement

You may not believe it, but this movement began way back in 2006. Republicans, both conservative and moderate, started to realized that the Republican Establishment had lost it’s way. We built a conservative winning team in 1994 and since then they had become corrupt with our money. The Contract With America had been broken and we sent them a message. However that message was greatly ignored.

Instead of reconnecting with the conservative message, the Republican Establishment thought we wanted them to be more liberal with more government and more spending. The lines between Republicans and Democrats started to quickly blur. The people who would become part of the conservative movement, was again fustrated with a freckless and leaderless Republican Establishment when we somehow chose John McCain to run for President in 2008.

TRAP broke our back and when the election came around, we stayed home and the country elected Barack Obama. Again, we cried out and again we were meet with silence.

Then something amazing happen. A rant that captured the mood of the country:

Even though it was broadcast on CNBC, everyone heard it. President Obama didn’t hear him, but we did and did we ever. Santelli invoked the story of the handful of Whigs* who took a stand aginst an unfair tax imposed from a far away government. Rick Santelli’s rant has inspired us to get together like those earily Whigs to talk, educate, and to get involved. For us however, our battle will not be on Bunker Hill. There will be no surrender at Yorktown. We are not fighting anyone, only trying to reclaim what was ours to begin with: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

“The Enough Already” Party

It is not just taxes we are angry about. We are angry about the big fat, and out of control federal government that our founders fought against. However it is not just the federal government, state and local governments are also out of control. Over the last one hundred years, every level of government has expanded and gotten bigger. They are now in every part of our lives!





Nanny Laws!

Enough is enough, is ENOUGH ALREADY!! The current recession was cause not by Republicans or Democrats, but by government interference in the private sector! Politicians on both sides share in the fountain of red ink flowing across this country. If they are unwilling to listen to us, we will replace them and do it ourselves. That is what the TEA Party/912 Movement, means to me.

Today we celebrate our independence. On this day, 234 years ago, 56 delegates signed their names to a document that could have surely get them hung if they were found. Today we do not need to commit treason, but we can still make a declaration that we will take back this country from the ever growing and bloated government. First we have to take back our party, then our government, and then our country! This debate will not end with the primaries, or in this general election! We will not settle this debate even in 2012! The debate will never be over! Our children, and their children after them will take up this debate after we are long gone! The price of freedom is ever vigilance against those who would take away our freedom, from both outside and inside our country!

Now I want you all to have a Happy Fouth Of July. For tomorrow we start the work to take back our country, if you haven’t gotten involved already.


*Who also called themselves the “Sons of Liberty” during that same time. The Whigs would one day disband over the issue of slavery. They would later reform to make anti-slavery Republican Party, again becoming the political party of Liberty. Be proud that you are a Republican, because you come from a long line of freedom loving people.