The Shark Tank's Bill McCollum (CAN-R-FL-GOV) Interview

The Florida Governor’s race, which I have been on the fence until now, was lit on fire by the entrance of Rick Scott. Until then, Bill McCollum was a shoe-in for the Republican nomination and the general win. The Shark Tank (a blog that focuses on Florida Politics) got an exclusive interview with Bill McCollum (video after the jump):

Watch The Other Two Parts At The Shark Tank

After seeing this interview, I am going to go with Bill McCollum (CAN-R-FL-GOV) for two reasons. The first and biggest reason is that McCollum is a proven conservative leader in Florida. Sure he has been in public service for a long time, but you don’t throw away the baby with the bath-water. There is no reason to shift leadership in Florida at this time. The second reason is that Bill McCollum sat down for this interview. That might not be a big deal for you, but I have gain great respect for people who are willing to talk to us regular folk since Jason Sager sat down for an interview with me. It shows me that they are willing to sit down to talk and listen to the people they are suppose to represent, not just old-media reporters.

I have nothing against Rick Scott, but now is not the time. I have yet to hear a good reason to drop the proven leader for him at this time. This Floridian is sticking with Bill McCollum (CAN-R-FL-GOV).


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