Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05) Gets iCaucus Endorsement

First, Jason Sager (Can-R-FL-05) joined the Freshmen 50. Then he got an endorsement of Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly of Florida and now he has the endorsement of iCaucus.

Jason Sager has been endorsed by the Independence Caucus (iCaucus). Jason shared with his team what a tremendous honor and privilege it is to receive this special endorsement.

iCaucus is a citizens group that wants to take back government from “big money” interest groups and put it back under the control of the people. This national organization actively seeks out, vets, endorses and works to elect candidates who stand on the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, adherence to constitutional authority, and representation of the people to Washington.

And I believe iCaucus made the right call.

Jason Sager is making connections and getting endorsements from all the right people. People who, like you, believe in the US Constitution, limited government, and fiscal discipline (the following videos were taken at the Meet The Candidates forum I went too):

I will not lie to you. I want to see this guy elected. I have never been more involved in local politics and I have Jason Sager to thank for getting me started. I honestly think Sager would be a great representative for the people of Florida’s Fifth Congressional District. I believe Jason Sager will also work with others like Mike Pence, Eric Cantor, and many other conservatives on their way to the US House of Representatives to take back this country.

So I again call on The RedState Directors to endorse Jason Sager. This guy is everything we are looking for in a principle Conservative Republican. In less than two months he will be going up against a real RINO*, who is already raking in money**.

Like I said before, the primary is the race here in Florida’s Fifth. We cannot allow yet Progressive, Big Government Politician in this seat. It is time to take a stand in Florida’s Fifth. I’m going to Stand With Sager (CAN-R-FL-05)!


*I never believed in that term until Richard Dick Nugent came along. Now I understand.

**That makes me sick. Just like a Politician.