Sean Parks And Jo Ann Jones Ice Cream Social

Earlier today, I went to an Ice Cream Social hosted by Sean Parks (CAN-R) and Dr Jo Ann Jones (CAN-R)*. Both are running for county office here, Parks for Commission and Dr Jones for School Board.

I mostly talked to Sean Parks, which we talked about many issues from taxes and the county budget. From Afghanistan to religion, and everywhere inbetween. Then we got into the subject of the “Enterprise Fund” programs in Lake County.

Enterprise Fund: In governmental accounting, fund that provides goods or services to the public for a fee that makes the entity self-supporting.

Sean Parks describe to me how one Enterprise Fund program, that deals with landfills (I will not bore you with details) is not being self-supporting. If this program can get into budget then it will help the county from having to support it with county reserves. I asked if that might be a problem across the country and he noted that it could very well be.

As my focus on local issues, this might be an excellent issue to your own county commission or council. Ask them if any Enterprise Fund program is self-supporting and if not, why.


*After talking to Dr Jones, I liked her too. Check out both their websites.