Eggonomics In The EU, UK

Well, talk about having egg on your face! Put this under the “You Cannot Make This One Up” file:

EU To Ban Selling Eggs By The Dozen

British shoppers are to be banned from buying eggs by the dozen under new regulations approved by the European Parliament.

For the first time, eggs and ­other products such as oranges and bread rolls will be sold by weight instead of by the number contained in a packet.

Until now, Britain has been exempt from EU regulations that forbid the selling of goods by number. But last week MEPs voted to end Britain’s deal despite objections from UK members.

The new rules will mean that instead of packaging telling shoppers a box contains six eggs, it will show the weight in grams of the eggs inside, for example 372g.

Of course they don’t care about you objections. This is what happens when you give your sovereignty over to people who are in direct competition with you. They are going to find ways of screwing you over.

So you guys have two choices ahead of you:

1) Suck it up and take the hit to your economy.

2) Get out of the EU. Bring sanity back to your land and people. Take back your sovereignty.

Of course, there is a lesson in that story for us. Giving away our sovereignty to the UN in the form of treaties, is something we can not allow to happen here in the United States. If there was a “Take Back Turtle Bay” group, I’d join it in a heart-beat.