Why Supporting Jason Sager (CAN-R-FL-05) Is Important

The biggest races to capture the national imagination from Florida, is the the governor race between Rick Scott and Bill McCollum (in which I am still undecided), the Senate Race featuring Marco Rubio, and the FL-08 race to out Alan Grayson. While they are all indeed important, the most under-reported race happening in Florida is the FL-05 primary race between Jason Sager and Richard Nugent.

I’m going to be blunt here: Whoever wins the Republican primary, will win the general election. So you might be thinking it doesn’t matter who wins. However it does matter, for a lot of reasons.

The biggest reason is that it is expected that the Florida House and Senate will remain in Republican control. As a result, FL-05 might stay safe for Republicans after the redrawing of districts. The person winning could very well stay there for years. So we must get the right person in that seat now, because later might not come around for some time.

If we are going to put good people like Mile Lee and Marco Rubio in the US Senate, we must back them up with good people in the US House. One of those good people we can send to the US House, at least for the FL-05 seat, is Jason Sager.

In mid-October of last year, Jason Sager (co-founder of the Hernando 912) witness Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL-05) talk and support the idea of a Living Constitution. Shocked, Jason Sager chose to challenge Ginny Brown-Waite even though he was told that it would be impossible to unseat her. He went out and started a petition to get on the ballot. When Glenn Beck announced his 100-Year Plan, I had a chance meeting with a person who had said petition and I signed it.

When I got home and looked briefly at his website, I wondered if I could meet the man himself. So I sent him an email asking him if I could interview him. I made sure he knew I was not a front pager contributor here on RedState. He said he understood, but still wanted to do the interview. Jason could have easily told me to get lost and I would have understood, I mean, who wants to talk to a lowly RedState diarist? That was one of the biggest things that impressed me about him from the beginning. So we plan to meet next time he was in The Villiages.

So in February, we meet (see full interveiw here: Stand With Sager: The Man Of Hell No) and let me tell you this guy is the real deal. In fact by the end of the interview, there was a woman who was listening in at the next table over and loved what Jason had to say. She also signed the petition to put Jason on the ballot. Please read the whole interview, because it’s really informative. Jason spoke with real passion and knew about the issues that he was talking about. While I didn’t agree with everything he had to say, I liked his honesty and loved that he didn’t hold back. So I have been a fan of his for a long time now.

Then the darnest thing happen April 30th:

U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, who has represented much of Lake County since she was first elected in 2002, called Hernando County Sheriff Richard Nugent late one night in March and asked him if he had considered running for Congress. He hadn’t.

Brown-Waite, a Brooksville Republican, planned to retire due to health concerns, and she wanted him to run in her place, Nugent told the Orlando Sentinel.

By April 24, after long days of consideration and prayer, Nugent said he decided he’d run for her District 5 seat, which also covers parts of Citrus, Hernando, Levy, Marion, Pasco, Polk and Sumter counties. But it wasn’t until Friday that Brown-Waite, who had an easy time in previous re-election races, announced her surprise plan to retire and leave her seat up for grabs – minutes after the qualifying deadline. She immediately issued a statement expressing her support for Nugent.

My head popped. Here is a guy who collected thousands in campaign contributions from Washington DC lobbists, including $5,000 from Brown-Waite, even before he even put up a campaign website. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Dick* Nugent came to this race in a very under-handed way. He is even refusing to campaign full-time, which makes me wonder if he’s going to be a part-time representative for Florida’s 5th District. The campaign itself is not really focus and he seems to be running on the Charlie Crist “Elect Me” platform.

But the biggest thing that bothers me about Nugent, is that he is expanding his role as sheriff. A real Republican wants to shrink the role of government, not expand government. Nugent may say he’s for smaller government, but his actions as sheriff tell a different story.

I dare say that this election in November is the most important election in a hundred years. Elections matter and every race (local, state, and national) counts this year. We must get this one right. We must make the best choices. Our choices in Florida’s 5th District is a Big-Government Politician (Nugent) or a Conservative Republican (Sager), but the real vote will happen in August 24th.

Our choice is clear. We must stand with the real Conservative Republican. We must Stand With Sager (CAN-R-FL-05).


*We know the drill: Short for Richard, calling it like I see it.